Winter Maintenance: Best Kept Secret for Healthy Trees

Your trees may hibernate in the winter, but that doesn’t mean we do.

If you missed out on a summer service, don’t fret. Here at Clean Cuts Trees, the weather doesn’t stop us. Tree care may be the last thing on your mind right now, but did you know winter is actually an optimal time for maintenance?

Any trained tree company will tell you regular trimming is crucial to the long-term health of your trees. Believe it or not, if you waited until the colder months to call us, you may have done yourself a favor.

Why should trees be pruned in winter?

  • The leaves have fallen. This gives trained professionals a better look at damaged or sick trees. Lush, full trees are easy on the eyes, but can also make it difficult to identify sick limbs.
  • The ground is frozen. Hard ground minimizes risk of damage to your lawn, and makes cleanup fast and easy.
  • Winter is historically the slow season. Snag an appointment now, and you’ll face drastically shorter wait times. Many people don’t know that now is arguably the best time for tree maintenance.
  • Disease is less common. Trees are dormant in the winter, and so are many pests. Bugs known for infesting recently pruned trees in the warmer months don’t fare well in the cold.
  • Less Dangerous. Living in a climate that experiences snow increases the risk of fallen limbs in the wintertime. Snow is heavy, and sick branches can’t withstand the weight. Branches don’t care what’s below them, and can fall on both objects and people.
  • Time to heal. Winter pruning and trimming will give your trees time to heal before spring, when growth returns. Winter pruning is especially great for fruit trees! Healthy branches can support more fruit.

What is pruning, and is it the same as trimming?

Pruning is a practice that includes removing sick parts of the tree or plant. Most typically, this refers to individual branches that are weak or dying. It is also frequently done to remove branches or roots that are obstructing passages, creating a hazard for vehicles and persons.

Pruning and trimming, though both important, are not the same. Trimming is centered on aesthetics, whereas pruning focuses on the health of your trees and shrubs. While pruning oftentimes requires strong sheers due to the thickness of branches, trimming does not. Many homeowners instead opt for a nice pair of hedge trimmers from the likes of Lowes for occasional trimming needs.

When to skip winter pruning:

  • “Bleeding” trees. “Bleeding” trees refer to trees that produce liquid, such as sap. This variation of trees includes maple and walnut trees.
  • Flowering shrubs. Shrubs and ornamental trees known to blossom in the spring should be pruned shortly after flowering. Pruning in the winter can minimize or even prevent blooming. This also pertains to roses, which should be pruned only at the end of the blooming season, after flowering.

Less mess, less stress. Every tree is unique; talk to our experienced arborists today to discuss your trees needs.

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