What To Do When Tree Storm Damage Wreaks Havoc

It can be distressing when a storm sweeps through your neighborhood, wreaking havoc on your trees. Many homeowners have sentimental value to trees like a sapling planted when they first moved in or a tree planted to remember the birth of a child.
In most cases, trees give much-appreciated solitude and shade. It’s critical to examine the tree storm damage as soon as possible and contact a local tree service to see what can be done to rescue them. Here is a brief guideline you might use after a storm has caused damage.

Assess the Extent of the Tree Storm Damage

The damage to trees that you may see include fallen, hanging, split, or broken limbs. You’ll notice if the soil around the tree’s base is disturbed, especially if it’s depressed on one side and raised on the other side. Trees may be leaning to one side, or roots may be exposed or pulled out of the ground.
Trees that have lost less than 50% of their branches and leaves will most likely recover. But trees that have lost more than 75% of their crown top will most likely die.
When a storm has extensively and clearly damaged a tree, the best course of action is to contact a local tree service as soon as possible. That tree could fall and cause harm to people or property.

After a Storm, Take the First Steps to Help Your Tree

Leave heavy, big, or high branches damaged to a professional tree service company. They have the tools and equipment to remove or trim trees securely. But to avoid further damage to the tree, trim minor broken branches back to the bigger limb.
Don’t go too far in trying to make the tree look even on both sides. You can end up removing more branches than required, limiting the tree’s potential to recover.
You may smoothen the rough edges after splitting the tree bark to protect your tree from insect harm—insects like areas where the bark has been removed.

When to Contact a Local Tree Service Company

If you suspect damaged trees after a storm hits the state of Utah, it’s advisable to contact a local tree service. They are well trained and equipped to handle major damage and save trees where possible.
Tree experts can also spot problems you may not see, like areas of the tree that could be weak during the next storm. For instance, decay may not be visible to the homeowner, but it can damage your favorite tree after a storm. In these situations, tree removal may be necessary.
Contact us when you need tree removal in the State of Utah. Our well-trained and skilled professional teams can offer you the guidance needed to care about tree storm damage. Please book an appointment with us, and we will gladly provide you with a free evaluation and estimate.

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