Everything You Should Know About Hiring a Tree Removal Service

Is that tree in your backyard one storm away from coming down? Have you been looking at it for a while, while sipping your coffee in the morning, thinking, “I need to get that tree removed before it causes some serious damage”? If you’ve been thinking about hiring a company to do tree removal, now might be the right time. Need to know more about what the service entails? Keep reading! We’ll tell you everything you need to know. 

When Should You Consider Hiring a Tree Removal Service?

There are plenty of reasons to hire a company to do tree removal. Perhaps the tree in your backyard is growing too close to your home, or it’s been showing signs of being dried out and dead, which is cause for concern. Storms can also do some serious damage to trees which might mean hiring an emergency tree service to do some clean-up afterward. 

No matter the reason, tree removal is the best option, and hiring a professional, certified company that knows what they’re doing will keep everyone safe.

Tree Removal Cost Calculator

If you are thinking about tree removal or tree stump removal, you probably want to know what the tree removal cost will be. The average cost of tree removal will depend on the size of the tree and the type of tree.

In general, a small tree, including apple trees, silver birch, etc., can cost anywhere from $100-$500. A medium tree, like maple or an elm, can cost between $400-$800, and a large tree can cost anywhere from $700-$2000 to remove. 

To get an estimate on how much it’s going to cost to remove the tree in your yard, contact a professional, and they’ll be able to give you an accurate idea of the cost. 

What Happens After Tree Removal?

Once a tree and stump have been removed, you can opt to keep some of the remaining trunk for firewood. Don’t want or need firewood? We are more than happy to clean up the branches and put the trunk through them after it’s been safely removed. 

Thinking about doing some tree planting after the old one has been removed? Make sure you prep properly and think through the new location. This time, you may want to consider tree pruning and maintenance tree trimming to ensure your tree is at its absolute healthiest. 

Is Tree Removal Right for You?

Proper tree care and maintenance can help prevent the need for tree removal, but sometimes there is nothing you can do! If a storm brings a tree down, you want to have a professional on speed dial to help get your backyard back to normal. 

If you require tree removal or want a professional opinion on tree care, give us a call! We also offer municipal tree service and land clearing, among other things. Our years of experience and drive to use the latest technology make us the experts for the job.

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