What Does a Municipal Tree Service Do?

Trees offer many benefits, including cleaner air, shade, and beauty. Like any landscaping in a community, a municipal tree service can ensure trees don’t become overgrown or dangerous to people and property. You can think of a municipal tree service as a community landscaper to make your community a more beautiful and safer place to live.   

Here’s a guide to municipal tree service.

A Municipal Tree Service Removes Trees and Stumps

Dead trees and limbs can cause all kinds of problems for a community. Tree removal is sometimes necessary to eliminate the threat of falling branches and limbs onto power lines and buildings. Tree trimming is also essential.

A municipal tree service can identify which trees need removal and which branches need tree trimming. They can also do tree pruning to make sure limbs and branches are less of a threat. Dead trees and limbs are a safety hazard, and knowing when and how to remove them is key. 

Stumps are often seen as eyesores in between sidewalks and right-of-ways. Removing the entire root system is tricky. A municipal tree service can remove them to beautify the area.  

Bad weather can cause problems any time of the year. A municipal tree service can help clear downed trees for quick clean-up regardless of snow, ice, wind, or rain. 


A municipal tree service is an expert when it comes to tree planting. 

They can decide whether they should transplant a large tree or grow it from a sapling. They can also figure out what kinds of trees should be planted to best impact the nearby landscape. 

When tree planting, it’s also important to know what kinds of nutrients need to accompany the process. They also have heavy equipment to move around dirt anything that might be in the way.  

Urban Planning

If your community contains green space, gardens, and parks, then a municipal tree service for urban planning may be right for your city or town. 

They can help design a space with the proper trees and help your community decide what looks best. They will advise you on what types of trees best suit the landscape and even trees native to your state.  

A municipal tree service can also help you work within a budget and help plan for future projects. Urban planning can also help preserve older trees. 

In addition, when there are plans for new streets and developments, a municipal tree service can advise where trees may or may not fit into the landscape. They help you avoid the pitfalls of planting a tree and then having to remove it later.  

A Guide to Municipal Tree Service

A municipal tree service can help with the removal of trees and stumps, the planting of trees, and urban planning. Their expert knowledge and assistance can make a community beautiful in many ways.

Contact us if you’d like to learn more about how a municipal tree service can help your community!  

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