Brief Guide to Storm Preparedness for Trees

A powerful storm can damage weak, dead, or diseased trees, causing branches to break away or trees to uproot.

During a storm, neglected or overgrown trees can tangle in utility lines. Weak branches can turn into projectiles and cause injury or property damage. Similarly, trees can blow over if they have shallow root systems or if they succumb to disease or damage.

With proper tree care and timely maintenance, you minimize potential damage when major storms hit. Keep reading to learn how to invest in storm preparedness for trees.

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Plan Ahead

Before storm season, check the condition of nearby trees. Look out for damaged trees, weak branches, trunk decay, and root rot. Additionally, look out for trees growing close to structures, windows, or power lines.

For the best results, hire a certified arborist for professional advice and help to remove potentially dangerous or already damaged trees. You should also move any potted or hanging plants indoors and secure outdoor furniture or items.

Tree Selection

When planting trees, be sure to select trees that can withstand the climate and storms. Go for native species when possible and plant them away from structures or utilities. Trees more likely to survive harsh weather have strong, sturdy trunks, a low center of gravity, and a deep, symmetrical root system.

On the other hand, more vulnerable trees have shallow roots, a decayed trunk, a dense canopy, and a high center of gravity. Consider removing tall, slender trees from your property and replacing them with trees better known for their storm resistance.

Remember that any tree can succumb to inclement weather if it suffers poor growing conditions, insect or disease problems, small root zones, and construction damage to roots.


Proper pruning plays a significant role in helping trees survive heavy winds. Improper tree pruning can increase the possibility that the tree will break and fall during a storm. Only a certified arborist has the training and expertise to prune your trees professionally without causing structural damage to the tree.

Our certified arborists can create a well-spaced, sturdy framework of healthy branches and a canopy that allows wind to flow freely through. We have expertise in storm preparedness for trees and can safely dispose of tree trimmings to help you prepare for heavy winds and snow fall.

With proper tree planting, care, and maintenance, you can minimize storm damage, avoid potential safety hazards and ensure a beautiful and healthy landscape. Only a certified arborist can ensure that your trees receive proper care and grow strong and healthy.

Clean Cut Trees has the knowledge and experience to ensure storm preparedness for trees. Call us today at 801-473-7548 to learn more about our services and find out if cutting trees can increase property value.

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