5 Important Reasons for Tree Pruning

Many Utah homeowners may ignore their trees until they cause issues. However, cutting back the branches of trees is essential to routine care. 

You may not realize it, but tree pruning provides many benefits both preventative and aesthetic. This guide will examine 5 reasons it’s important to call a tree pruning service. Your yard will thank you. 

1) Remove Dying Branches 

Among the most critical reasons to have a tree service prune your yard is safety. It is not uncommon for some of the branches of your trees to die and dry up. 

From there, it only takes a heavy storm or a blustery day to bring these dangerous branches down. Depending on the position of the trees, it’s possible they can damage your roof, get tangled in powerlines, and block the road or other hazards. 

The sooner you address the dying portions, the safer you will be. 

2) Thinning the Canopy

Trees do a great job of shading the hot Utah sun. However, if the growth gets too dense, it will have ramifications for other plants. 

Too much shade will hinder the life of the plants and grass below. Part of pruning involves thinning out the canopy of trees so sunlight and rain can penetrate through the branches. Now, light and water can reach the smaller flora on ground level to encourage growth. 

3) Disease Prevention

It can be tough to spot with an untrained eye, but arborists can see disease-riddled tree branches. However, if some branches are unhealthy, it doesn’t mean tree removal is in order. 

Yet, these issues can spread throughout your yard. Therefore, the sooner you act the better. Pruning can cut away the bad branches to keep diseases from spreading through the tree. Protect your yard. 

4) Shaping New Growth

Pruning is not all about prevention and mitigation. Trimming branches also has aesthetic value.

If left to themselves, trees may grow in a wild uneven fashion. Part of maintaining your yard is having the trees look nice. The trees in your yard can be shaped to your liking. 

Tree service professionals will work with you to determine the best look for your yard growing forward. 

5) Prosperous Fruit Growth 

Many yards in Utah have fruit-bearing trees. If your yard is home to chokecherries, apples, apricot, or any other fruit trees, you should consider pruning. 

Cutting away weak and dying branches on your fruit trees will encourage growth in the rest of the tree. Nutrients no longer have to be diverted to these areas. Instead, the roots can facilitate the fruit-bearing branches. 

Come harvest time, you’ll notice the value of pruning. 

Schedule a Tree Pruning Soon

These are among the most important reasons for tree pruning. Don’t let the trees run wild on your lot. Consider the health and the aesthetics of your yard. It’s time to schedule a service.

If you are ready to address your yard, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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