What is Considered a Tree Emergency: Factors to Consider

Many property owners don’t see the need to call emergency tree removal services in Kaysville, UT, until a tree falls and causes severe damage. That’s because it is not always easy to differentiate between a harmless issue and an emergency that needs quick action. So, what should you consider a tree emergency?

Here are everyday tree situations that call for emergency tree removals.

Leaning Tree

Many property owners ignore leaning trees, believing they are normal. However, if not addressed in time, a leaning tree will eventually fall, potentially causing damage.  

Various factors could lead to your tree leaning. One of the common causes is exposure to heavy wind gusts. Diseases such as fungal infections can affect the tree’s roots and eat its wood up, causing it to lean.

Broken Branches

Broken branches are another significant sign that you need to call an emergency tree removal service. A tree service professional can remove broken branches safely without harming the entire tree.

However, in some situations, broken branches signify a dying or dead tree. If your tree has lost over 50% of its branches, the chances are that it won’t live to see the next growing season. It’s best to remove it professionally before it falls and causes costly damage.

Storm Damage

If you have damaged trees on your property after a storm, don’t hesitate to call tree removal professionals. Various storms, such as tornados, may knock down trees on your house, vehicles, and even your driveway.

Frequent storms with slight wind gusts usually knock down weak and unhealthy trees. If not removed on time, these trees could damage your roof, leading to leaks and severe water damage. They could also damage your vehicle, resulting in costly repairs.

Tree removal professionals have the expertise and equipment to remove the trees safely, preventing further damage after a storm.

Sick Tree

Besides being an eyesore, a diseased tree can also be a hazardous tree emergency. Pests, fungi, and viruses can infect your tree, gradually killing it from within. Therefore, it is essential to remove sick trees immediately.

If you are unsure if your tree is unhealthy, here are common signs to look out for:

  • Hollow trunk
  • Dead branches
  • Decaying roots

Proximity to Power Lines

Trees, shrubs, and other vegetation close to power lines are a safety hazard and can cause fires, power surges, and blackouts. It is essential to keep their branches and foliage clear of power lines and other electricity infrastructure.

If you have trees touching or near power lines, contact your electricity distribution company or hire a tree removal expert to remove them. You should regularly trim or remove dead, dying, or diseased trees growing under or near power lines.

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Now that you know how to tell if a tree poses a danger and requires immediate removal, you should ensure you don’t have any tree emergency on your property. If you need emergency tree removal or other tree care service, Clean Cuts Tree, a reputable Kaysville tree company, can help.

You can reach our office today at 801-473-7548 to request a free estimate. You can also find helpful information about urban forestry and tree care on our website.

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