5 Common Trees Most Likely to Fall in the Wind

Are your trees vulnerable to strong winds? All trees have the potential to fall at some degree of wind forces. However, some trees are more vulnerable and would require emergency tree removal in Kaysville by Clean Cuts Trees. Here are some of the trees most likely to fall in the wind.

Tree Species Most Vulnerable to Wind

Some tree varieties are at a higher risk of failure in high winds. They include:

  • White spruce
  • Cedar
  • Bradford pears
  • Balsam fir
  • Willow Oaks
  • Water Oaks

These species usually live in wetter soils, which may also contribute to a tree’s likelihood of falling in strong winds. Various pine varieties and hemlocks, especially in areas with modified soil, are also susceptible to fall in a storm.

Trees With Shallow or Damaged Roots

The roots of trees play an integral role in their strength and stability. Shallow roots do not support trees as well as roots that grow at the appropriate depth. These roots can significantly increase the risk of uprooting. Damage due to construction, rotting, or other factors can weaken the root system, making the tree more likely to topple over during high winds.

Trees with Uneven Canopies

Poor pruning or lack of pruning can lead to an uneven tree canopy and crown growth. Besides giving the tree an irregular look, the uneven parts can result in a problem known as “crown twisting” during high winds.

The unpredictable winds exerting force on the uneven crown cause a destructive twist on the tree’s stem and branches. The twisting causes torsional stress, leading to cracking and splitting, and eventually falling. 

Tall Trees and Windthrow

Taller trees are more susceptible to a problem known as “windthrow” than their shorter counterparts. Windthrow refers to the act of strong winds fully uprooting trees. A tall trunk combined with full foliage turns your tree into a lever.

Thus, when strong winds hit the upper part of the tree while exerting a considerable force on the lower trunk and roots, it can remove the entire root system off the ground, even if it is a large tree with healthy roots.

Trees with Two Trunks

Other trees most likely to fall in the wind are those with multiple trunks. A standard tree structure has one dominant trunk. If your tree has more than one dominant lead, it is more likely to suffer storm damage as the trunks offer blow away and towards each other. 

Is Tree Removal Right for You?

If you have any trees most likely to fall in the wind, you might want to contact a professional tree removal service. Leaving the tree standing may lead to injuries and costly property damage when the tree eventually falls. 

If you need a professional emergency tree removal service in Kaysville, or you want to learn more about tree emergency, give us a call. We offer a wide range of tree services, and we can help with all your tree care and removal needs. Our years of experience and commitment to using the latest technology make us the experts for the job.

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