How to Prevent Your Trees Dying From Drought in Utah

Dry soil and high temperatures can significantly impact the lifespan of your landscape trees. Considering that Utah is one of the driest states in the country, with a desert climate, it is essential to take measures to prevent your trees dying from drought. 

Utah landowners are accustomed to the local weather and know the consequences of not watering enough throughout the hot summer days. However, when drought kills some of the trees, locals turn to our tree removal services in Kaysville

At Clean Cuts Trees, we also offer dead tree removal services to remove drought trees from your property and make room for new and healthy plants.

5 Ways to Prevent Your Trees Dying From Drought in Kaysville, Utah

Luckily, there are a few ways to protect the old and valuable trees in your backyard and preserve the natural shade during a drought in Kaysville, Utah.

1. Install a Thick Mulch Layer

If one or more of your trees is growing in turf, removing the current lawn and adding a thick mulch layer is essential to avoid water loss. Throughout the year, your tree and turfgrass compete for moisture and nutrients. Grass can absorb the irrigation water before it reaches the tree’s roots. 

If you remove the turf around the tree, you will allow it to receive more water and nutrients to survive the drought.

2. Check Trees Regularly

Leaf drip, a sparse canopy, undersized leaves, yellowing, and premature fall coloration are early symptoms of trees dying from drought. Therefore, it is essential to check your trees regularly to ensure they receive enough water and additional nutrients. 

When you treat the symptoms early, it is easier to prevent significant damage and possible tree removal.

3. Deep Water Your Trees

Trees need water to survive. So, during the summers in Kaysville, Utah, it’s essential to deep water your trees. 

You can move water in the trees through individual cells and conductive tissues with vascular water transport. Water from the soil enters the tree’s root hairs and moves along into the xylem.

4. Consider Soil Injections

When the temperatures are high, you need to try everything to protect your landscape trees. Soil injections are an excellent way to provide moisture to the tree’s roots. 

These injections also stimulate photosynthesis in leaves, a process by which they use sunlight to absorb food and water.

5. Prune the Tree’s Canopy

Another way to prevent trees dying from drought is to prune the canopy and reduce weak branches and excess foliage. You should also remove dying or dead limbs as they may attract insects and pests that can contribute to stress and diseases.

Depend on Clean Cuts Trees

Sometimes, despite your hard work and efforts, you will have to deal with dead trees. When that happens, turn to Clean Cuts Trees for help. Brown branches, fungal growth, and cracking bark are all signs it’s time to remove a tree from your property. 

At Clean Cuts Trees, we are familiar with various tree species and know the safest and most efficient ways to remove a tree. Contact us today at 801-473-7548 to learn more ways to prevent trees dying from drought in Utah or schedule a professional tree removal service.

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